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Heart of the Swarm Terran Strategy Guide

The cunning Terrans are back with their machines of war and spaceships to conquer the galaxy. The terrans have been my favorite race since the Starcraft 1 days, i always liked their mobility and ability to play long games of attrition and harassment, while building up a massive army for a last push. The terrans are very mechanically demanding and are very hard to master, you need to play smart and maintain a very high pace all game long. With the addition of the widow mines and the Hellbat terrans have been able to build up a stronger defense while using the amazing fire power of the hellbat to harass their opponents economy. The widow mines have proven to be all the terran needed for both offensive and defensive proposes, making the bio army even more mobile without the need of using the slower tanks to provide cover and splash damage against the zerg swarm. The widow mines are the new tanks, or even better depending of the situation, providing a very strong map presence and offensive\defensive capabilities.

Terran Heart of the Swarm Builds and Strategies

The best way to learn how to play Terran in heart of the Swarm is to watch the best players and learn from them. I strongly advise you to get an Heart of the Swarm Guide to speed up the process of mastering the complex Terran race.

The Best Heart of the Swarm Guides

Become a Better Starcraft 2 Player with the new Heart of the Swarm Guides

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Guides

Are you tired of spending hours and hours playing Starcraft 2 Ladder and not seeing any results? You came to the right place!  Im sharing with you the best Heart of the Swarm Guides available that will help you become a better Starcraft 2 Player and dominate the game.

Due to its nature Starcraft 2 its a very competitive game and trying to improve can be a difficult task that often leads to frustration and ladder anxiety. To overcome this you can chose one of the guides from our blog, created by some of the best Starcraft 2 minds this community has ever seen.

This Heart of the Swarm Guides are suited for beginners and advanced sc2 players and should be used by anyone wanting to improve their skills,strategies, builds and overall gameplay. You will learn how to macro and micro perfectly like a professional player. Learn how to defeat any cheese with new scouting patterns that will enable you to read your adversaries like a open book.

Why Purchase a Starcraft 2 Guide ?

Everything comes with a price, and if you are really interested in becoming a good player you have to invest into it. This guides have been created by some of the most knowledgeable personalities of our fantastic Starcraft 2 Community. They have invested their time and effort into giving us their experience in the form of complete manuals to help us achieve what they have achieved. For a small price you can drastically improve your level and give something back to this great Players.


Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Top Strategy Guides:

Secrets of The Swarm – The Guide you Need

secrets of the swarm heart of the swarm guide

Learn from the Starcraft 2 Pros themselves. Secrets of the swarm is the ultimate Starcraft 2 Guide created by a TOP Korean Player looking to improve your skills and show you everything you need to know to reach his level of play.  This guide is suited for hardcore gamers that want to go all the way and reach Grand Master’s league. The guide is very well written with videos providing top secret information about the best Heart of the Swarm strategies and techniques to improve and get GM Status. If you are up for the challenge check the guide official website here.

Shokz Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide & Video Guide – From Bronze to Grand Master

Shokz Heart of the Swarm Guide

The Shokz Guide is in my humble opinion the best Hots Strategy Guide ever created. I was able to get from Bronze league to master just by following and hearing everything Shokz had to say in his amazing guide series. Everything is well planned and easy to understand, with lots of videos explaining everything from the basics to the most mechanical demanding strategies and builds. If you are just starting or want to reach master league this is the guide for you. Shokz is a very experienced GM Level player and shares everything he knows about the game in his guide. You can find the guide by visiting the official website here.